MDL Orders

OrderAugust 17, 2022Injunction Order
OrderAugust 17, 2022Abatement Order
OrderAugust 12, 2022Plaintiffs' Second Notice of Supplemental Authority
OrderAugust 12, 2022Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law re Walgreens
OrderAugust 3, 2022Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law on Order Denying Pharmacy Defendants' Motions to Dismiss Complaints and Amended Complaints
OrderJune 17, 2022Order Appointing the Fee Panel to Allocate and Disburse Attorney Fees Provided for in State Back-Stop Agreements
OrderJune 17, 2022Fee Panel Order No. 8 Regarding Fee Application Questions
OrderJune 13, 2022Fee Panel Order No. 7
OrderMay 27, 2022Fee Panel Order No. 4
OrderMay 13, 2022Fee Panel Order No. 3: Contingency Fee Awards
OrderApril 19, 2022Fee Panel Order No. 1
OrderApril 1, 2022Order Establishing Application Protocols for Reimbursement of Common Benefit Attorneys’ Fees Under the Janssen and Distributors Settlement Agreements
OrderMarch 23, 2022Non-Document Order
OrderMarch 8, 2022Order Approving Attorney Fee Fund Start-Up Matters
OrderFebruary 25, 2022Order Clarifying the "CMO Effective Date" for Cases of Non-Participating Subdivisions
OrderFebruary 25, 2022Order Appointing Fee Committee
OrderDecember 16, 2021Decision and Order on Appeal
OrderOctober 18, 2021Order Regarding McKinsey's Motion to Vacate
OrderOctober 15, 2021Order Regarding Fee Panel, Fund Administrator, and Assistants
OrderAugust 12, 2021Order to Establish Qualified Settlement Fund, Appoint Panel Of Common Benefit and Contingency Fee Fund Arbiters, Approve Fee Fund Allocation And Distribution Process, and Approve Common Benefit Cost Payment and Assessment
OrderAugust 6, 2021Contingency Cap Order