State Documents

StateDistributor Consent JudgmentJ&J/Janssen Consent JudgmentOther State Documents
AlaskaExecuted Judgment, April 7, 2022Executed Judgment, June 14, 2022
American SamoaExecuted Judgment, June 29, 2022
ArizonaExecuted Judgment, June 2, 2022Executed Judgment, June 29, 2022One Arizona Distribution of Opioid Settlement Funds Agreement
ArkansasExecuted Judgment, April 4, 2022Executed Judgment, April 6, 2022Memorandum of Understanding
CaliforniaExecuted Judgment, April 13, 2022Executed Judgment, April 25, 2022California State Subdivision Agreement – Distributors
California State Subdivision Agreement – Janssen
ColoradoExecuted Judgment,
March 31, 2022
Executed Judgment, April 5, 2022Colorado Memorandum of Understanding (with exhibits)
ConnecticutExecuted Judgment, June 2, 2022Connecticut Distributors Judgment Order
Connecticut Janssen Judgment Order
DelawareExecuted Judgment, November 7, 2022Delaware ROADS Map Agreement
DE – Senate Bill 166 – Engrossment
District of ColumbiaExecuted Judgment, April 8, 2022Executed Judgment, April 19, 2022
FloridaExecuted Judgment, May 4, 2022Executed Judgment, May 4, 2022Proposed Memorandum of Understanding
Florida Opioid Allocation and Statewide Response Agreement
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
GeorgiaExecuted Judgment, August 24, 2022Executed Judgment, July 26, 2022Georgia Memorandum of Understanding
Georgia Opioid Legislation
GuamExecuted Judgment, June 2, 2022Executed Judgment, July 28, 2022
HawaiiExecuted Judgment, October 21, 2022
Executed Judgment, October 21, 2022
Executed Judgment, October 21, 2022Hawaii Memorandum of Understanding
IdahoExecuted Judgment, May 12, 2022Executed Judgment, May 12, 2022Idaho Allocation Agreement
IllinoisExecuted Judgment, May 3, 2022Executed Judgment, May 3, 2022Illinois Opioid Allocation Agreement
Illinois Additional Agreement
Illinois Legislation
IndianaExecuted Judgment, March 30, 2022Executed Judgment, May 25, 2022Indiana Code – Definitions
Indiana Code – Political Subdivisions
Indiana – Termination of Opioid Filings
Indiana Legislation
IowaExecuted Judgment, March 31, 2022Executed Judgment, May 24, 2022Iowa Opioid Memorandum of Understanding
KansasExecuted Judgment, July 27, 2022Executed Judgment, July 27, 2022Kansas Memorandum of Understanding
Kansas Opioid Legislation
KentuckyExecuted Judgment, August 18, 2022Executed Judgment, July 29, 2022Kentucky Opioid Legislation
Criteria for Award of Monies
LouisianaExecuted Judgment, August 4, 2022Executed Judgment, August 4, 2022Louisiana State-Local Government Opioid Litigation MOU
MaineExecuted Judgment, June 14, 2022Executed Judgment, June 14, 2022Maine Memorandum of Understanding
Maine School Administrative Units’ Inclusion in Maine’s Recovery Fund
MarylandExecuted Judgment, August 31, 2022Maryland State Subdivision Agreement
Maryland Estimated Distributions by Subdivision
MassachusettsExecuted Judgment, April 28, 2022Executed Judgment, May 18, 2022Massachusetts Opioids Statute
Massachusetts State Subdivision Agreement
MichiganExecuted Judgment, June 17, 2022Executed Judgment, June 13, 2022Michigan State Subdivision Agreement
MinnesotaExecuted Judgment, June 22, 2022Executed Judgment, July 18, 2022Minnesota Opioid Legislation
Minnesota Opioid Settlements – Letter from Attorney General
Minnesota Opioid Settlements Checklist
Minnesota Opioid Settlements Executive Summary
Minnesota Opioid Settlements FAQ
Minnesota Opioid State-Subdivision Agreement (one-page)
Minnesota State-Subdivision_Agreement (2-2-22 Executed)
MississippiExecuted Judgment, June 30, 2022Executed Judgment, April 19, 2022Mississippi Memorandum of Understanding
Mississippi Settlement Agreement
MissouriExecuted Judgment, March 25, 2022Executed Judgment, June 15, 2022Missouri Memorandum of Understanding
MontanaExecuted Judgment, August 16, 2022Montana Distributors’ and Janssen Opioids Settlement Memorandum of Understanding
Amendment to Montana Distributors’ and Janssen Opioids Settlement Memorandum of Understanding
NebraskaExecuted Judgment, April x, 2022
Executed Judgment, April 14, 2022
Executed Judgment, April 12, 2022Nebraska Opioid Trust Statute
NevadaExecuted Judgment, April 21, 2022Executed Judgment, April 21, 2022Memorandum of Understanding
New HampshireExecuted Judgment, March 22, 2022Executed Judgment, October 6, 2022New Hampshire Opioid Trust Legislation
New JerseyExecuted Judgment, March 30, 2022Executed Judgment, April 1, 2022New Jersey Opioid Legislation
New Jersey State Subdivision Agreement
New MexicoExecuted Judgment, April 29, 2022Executed Judgment, April 27, 2022New Mexico Opioid Allocation Agreement
Fee Panel Order No. 15 Regarding Back-Stop Funds in the State of New Mexico
New YorkExecuted Judgment, December 15, 2021Executed Judgment, December 21, 2021NY Distributors Sharing Agreement
NY Opioid Legislation
North CarolinaExecuted Judgment, April 6, 2022Executed Judgment, April 26, 2022 North Carolina Memorandum of Agreement
North DakotaExecuted Judgment, April 20, 2022Executed Judgment, April 21, 2022
Executed Judgment, April 22, 2022
Northern Mariana IslandsExecuted Judgment, July 11, 2022Executed Judgment, July 8, 2022
OhioExecuted Judgment, October 7, 2021Executed Judgment, June 9, 2022One Ohio Memorandum of Understanding
Distributors Ohio Settlement Agreement
Distributor Participation Agreement OHIO
Janssen Participation Agreement OHIO
Summary of Proposed Settlement with Distributors
Allocation to Ohio Municipalities
Payment 1 Breakdown for Distributor Agreement
OregonExecuted Judgment, May 19, 2022Executed Judgment, April 15, 2022Oregon Intra-State Allocation
PennsylvaniaExecuted Judgment, July 12, 2022Executed Judgment, July 12, 2022Pennsylvania Trust Order Allocation
Pennsylvania Allocation Participation Form
Puerto RicoExecuted Judgment, April 19, 2022Executed Judgment, April 28, 2022
Rhode IslandExecuted Judgment, January 26, 2022Executed Judgment, April 29, 2022Rhode Island Memorandum of Understanding
South CarolinaExecuted Judgment, April 5, 2022Executed Judgment, July 20, 2022South Carolina Opioid Agreement
South DakotaExecuted Judgment, March 25, 2022Executed Judgment, April 1, 2022South Dakota Legislation
TennesseeExecuted Judgment, June 8, 2022Executed Judgment, June 17, 2022Tennessee Opioids Legislation Information on Tennessee Opioid Settlements
Tennessee Opioid Settlement model resolution for subdivisions
Tennessee Opioid Settlement municipality one-page summary
Tennessee State-Subdivision Opioid Abatement Agreement
Tennessee Opioid Settlement county one-page summary
Tennessee Opioid Settlement Executive Summary for Tennessee subdivisions
Tennessee Opioid Settlement FAQ for Tennessee subdivisions
TexasExecuted Judgment, May 2, 2022Executed Judgment, February 23, 2022 Information relating to Texas can be found at
UtahExecuted Judgment, April 12, 2022Executed Judgment, May 26, 2022Utah Memorandum of Understanding
VermontExecuted Judgment, April 20, 2022
Executed Judgment, April 20, 2022
Executed Judgment, July 7, 2022
Virgin IslandsExecuted Judgment, June 3, 2022Executed Judgment, July 8, 2022
VirginiaExecuted Judgment, April 28, 2022Executed Judgment, April 27, 2022Allocation Deal – Virginia
Virginia Legislation
West VirginiaMemorandum of Understanding
WisconsinExecuted Judgment, March 31, 2022Executed Judgment, April 1, 2022Wisconsin Opioid Legislation
Wisconsin Local MOU
Wisconsin State-Local MOU
WyomingExecuted Judgment, May 16, 2022Executed Judgment, May 17, 2022Wyoming Opioid Settlement Memorandum of Agreement
Amendment to the Wyoming Opioid Settlement Agreement